Monster Database
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NameLevelExpHPMPHP RegenMP RegenTamableAgroCoI AgroKarma
 Variant Skull Dragon 60 2026 400 100 0 90 0 1 1 0
NameItem Count
Drop Rate
 Ivory Tower Scroll of Polymorp1-11%
 Training Bring Stone1-11%
 Training Engraved Bone Piece1-11%
 Training Dark Stone1-11%
 Training Magic Gem1-11%
 Discipline Spirit Ball1-11%
 Training Forbidden Fruit1-11%
 Training Elven Wafer1-11%
 Training Devils Blood1-11%
 Training Resurection Scroll1-11%
 Training Potion of Bravery1-11%
 Training Weapon Enhancement Sc1-11%
 Training Armor Enchant Scroll1-11%
 Ivory Tower T-Shirt1-11%