Monster Database
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NameLevelExpHPMPHP RegenMP RegenTamableAgroCoI AgroKarma
 Raven King Bugbear 76 4000 1000 500 0 0 1 1 0 -1
 Raven King Bugbear 64 901 914 104 0 5 1 1 0 0
 Raven King Bugbear 82 3000 975 56 0 0 1 1 0 0
NameItem Count
Drop Rate
 High Quality Ruby1-13%
 Blessed Scroll of Teleportatio1-13%
 Relic of Paagrio1-11%
 Banded Mail1-11%
 Splint Mail1-11%
 Relic of Paagrio1-11%
 Sealed Edoryu of Ronde1-11%
 Potion of Bravery1-11%
 Potion of Mana1-11%
 Splint Mail1-11%
 Helm of Magic: Power1-11%
 Great Axe1-10.8813%
 Great Axe1-10.8134%
 Scroll of Enchant Armor1-10.5%
 Scroll of Teleportation1-10.5%
 Scroll of Enchant Weapon1-10.5%
 Scroll of Enchant Weapon1-10.5%
 Blessed Scroll of Enchant Weap1-10.3%
 Pale Silver Key1-10.3%
 Red Knight Great Sword1-10.25%
 Great Sword1-10.1%
 Death Stone1-10.1%
 Ancient Leather Armor1-10.075%
 Berserker Axe1-10%
 Battle Axe1-10%