Monster Database
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NameLevelExpHPMPHP RegenMP RegenTamableAgroCoI AgroKarma
 Giant Crocodile 90 20000 2070 648 0 0 0 1 0 0
 Giant Crocodile 78 8000 10878 5529 250 100 0 1 0 0
NameItem Count
Drop Rate
 Scroll of Enchant Armor1-1100%
 Scroll of Enchant Weapon1-1100%
 Elven Wafer1-12.5%
 Relic of Eva1-31%
 Magical Thread1-11%
 Two Handed Sword1-11%
 Potion of Bravery1-11%
 Relic of Maphr1-11%
 Greater Haste Potion1-11%
 Potion of Bravery1-11%
 Potion of Mana1-11%
 Potion of Wisdom1-11%
 Ancientss Alchemy Scroll1-20.8%
 Blank Scroll (Level 5)1-20.5%
 Sage's Necklace1-10.5%
 Blank Scroll (Level 1)1-20.5%
 Blank Scroll (Level 2)1-20.5%
 Blank Scroll (Level 4)1-20.5%
 Gian`s Scroll1-20.5%
 Axe of Raging Wind1-10.3%
 Magical Gloves1-10.125%
 Ancient Demon Leather1-10.1%
 Ancient Rock1-10.1%
 Magical Core1-10.1%
 Eternal Light1-10.01%
 Bow that Lost its Soul1-10.002%
 Bow that Lost its Soul1-10.002%
 Bow that Lost its Soul1-10.002%
 ChainSword That Lost Its Soul1-10.002%
 Lost Soul Kiringku1-10.002%
 Bow that Lost its Soul1-10.002%
 Lost Soul Axe1-10.002%
 Bow that Lost its Soul1-10.002%