Monster Database
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NameLevelExpHPMPHP RegenMP RegenTamableAgroCoI AgroKarma
 Death Zombie Lord 60 3845 18000 100 250 250 0 1 1 0
 Death Zombie Lord 80 20000 30000 5700 1000 100 0 1 1 0
NameItem Count
Drop Rate
 Unicorn Magic Doll Bag1-2100%
 Blessed Scroll of Enchant Weap1-1100%
 Scroll of Enchant Armor2-6100%
 Scroll of Enchant Armor2-7100%
 Scroll of Enchant Weapon1-3100%
 Dragon Treasure Chest1-10100%
 Blessed Scroll of Enchant Armo1-1100%
 Attractive t-shirt Box1-15%
 Greater Haste Potion1-35%
 Strength T-shirt Box1-15%
 Intelligence T-Shirt Box1-15%
 Dex T-shirt Box1-15%
 Plate Mail1-13%
 Snapper Manning Box1-22.5%
 Rumtis Red Light Earring Box1-22.5%
 Roomtis Black Light Earring Bo1-22.5%
 Rumtis Purple Earrings Box1-22.5%
 Rumtis Blue light Earring Box1-22.5%
 Snapper Ring Recovery Ring Box1-22.5%
 Central Ring Box for snapper1-22.5%
 Snapper Health Ring Box1-22.5%
 Snapper Magic Resistance Ring 1-22.5%
 Plate Mail1-12%
 Scroll of Enchant Weapon1-22%
 Two Handed Sword1-12%
 Chain Mail of Magic Resistance1-12%
 Ring of Fire Resistance1-11.25%
 Ring of Wind Resistance1-11.25%
 Cursed Scroll of Enchant Weapo1-11%
 Lost Warrior Tension (Titan Ro1-11%
 TOI Teleport Scroll, 4F1-11%
 Potion of Wisdom1-31%
 Cursed Scroll of Enchant Armor1-11%
 Powerless TOI Teleport Charm, 1-11%
 Scroll of Resurrection1-31%
 Potion of Bravery1-31%
 Maple Wand1-11%
 Wand of Conjure Lightning1-11%
 Ring of Earth Resistance1-11%
 Crystal Plate Mail1-11%
 Blessed Scroll of Resurrection1-11%
 Blessed Scroll of Enchant Armo1-11%
 Blessed Two Handed Sword1-11%
 Blank Scroll (Level 4)1-30.5%
 Blank Scroll (Level 5)1-30.5%
 Pure Elixir1-30.5%
 Ring of Water Resistance1-10.5%
 Old Belt of Mind1-10.5%
 Kaiser Edoryu1-10.4%
 Blessed Scroll of Enchant Weap1-10.3%
 Ring of Summon Control1-10.3%
 Amulet of Intelligence1-10.3%
 Kaiser Edoryu1-10.2%
 Sealed TOI Teleport Charm, 4F1-10.13%
 Bloody Bandage1-10.1%
 Blinding Potion1-10%
 Cursed Two Handed Sword1-10%